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Tome Levi, professional dancer turned performance coach, has over a decade of experience working in the theatre and fitness industries. 

She has been fortunate to work with leading coaches and medical practitioners in delivering an elite training standard to ballerinas at the Royal Ballet School, where she spent three years as the company's first ever women's fitness coach. 

Tome has since gone on to coach ballerinas in company roles, and train dancers and actors in leading West End productions.

Tome's philosophy is to optimise physical performance through safe and effective practice. 


Performance coaching

As a professional dancer herself, Tome understands the physical demands of the industry. Repetitive strain injuries (RSI) are a reality for many performers during the rehearsal and production process, but the likelihood and severity of these injuries can be significantly reduced through effective 'prehabilitation' practice.

Her time with the Royal Ballet saw her coach ballerinas to counterbalance the impact of the repetitive nature of balletic movement. Tome now applies her method to prepare and sustain professional dancers and actors for working in leading West End theatre productions. 

Personal training

Tome's performance driven philosophy lies at the heart of her personal training service. As a fully bespoke service, training location is subject to client preference. Following an initial complimentary consultation with Tome, training sessions are tailored to compliment the unique needs and performance goals of each client.

Clients that wish to coordinate training with personalised nutritional advice will be referred to registered nutritionists/dietitians as appropriate.