Food should not be scary

Food Should Not Be Scary


No matter who you are, the more exercise you undertake, the more you need to fuel your body. Being told you need to eat more can often strike a negative chord with many. This is not only detrimental to you mentally, but physically you are doing yourself harm.

Food should not be scary. Do not be afraid of food. Don’t deprive yourself. In fact, those on low calorie diets will lose weight way slower, because their bodies end up storing the food they are rarely given, rather than using it as a fuel to burn regularly and efficiently day in and day out. Remember it's not all about nutrition and exercise, rest is vital both physically and mentally.

Focussing more on mental rest, I believe it's important to highlight that the acceptance of non restrictive behaviour around food is monumentally important in light of the ever growing trend of health and fitness. Over analysis and obsessiveness over everything you put in your mouth leads to an unhealthy relationship with food, which the teenage me can tell you leads to disordered eating and damaging behavioural patterns.

Do not fear food. Respect your body and fuel it well and above all don't be afraid of treating yourselves. You deserve it!


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