The Work/Life Balance

As someone who runs her own business, I know only too well the difficulties faced when trying to apply the equilibrium. For many, the 'work/life balance' is merely a term used to describe that thing that they're too busy to achieve. I cannot stress enough that as someone who is in full control of how much holiday I can take, how long my lunch breaks are, how much I get paid, I know it can be testing at times!

The journey to achieving said 'balance' comes with it's fair share of ups and downs. It's all about trial and error and moreover being willing to make the time to try this out. 'Work' is self explanatory, whereas 'life' calls for a more decisive definition. 

Life is yours for the living. Going out for dinner with friends and checking and rechecking emails under the table is not life, it's imprisonment. I have found through experience, that the only way to truly achieve this balance, is to believe that work is not belittled by your choice to put yourself first. Your career will not go up in smoke should you choose to go away for the weekend and leave your phone at home.

Regift yourself the gift of life and allow yourself the freedom to disconnect so that you may in turn reconnect with yourself and others.